Guardians of the Veil

On the Road to Adventure

After setting out, the party got lost along one of the rocky trails and came to a small valley where vile Kuthriks infested the land to challenge the adventurers. After a few near falls into the unstable rock pits around the area, the beasts were defeated. Puzzled, they all checked the map and sure enough, the goblin had drawn the map into this little trap for them, but after a few hours of treking, they found the ruins of the castle Rivenroar.

The castle seemed to be in pretty rough condition, but the underground levels were still intact. When they got to the entrance, they met another person who was seeking glory, and loot. His name was Elcoe Demonbane and after a few midlife crises, he finally found what he wants to do in life and joined the party as a strong Fighter.

The task was to find 7 people and recover some artifacts that were stolen from Brindol, and to wipe out the nest of goblins. Luckily they only seemed to be posted randomly throughout the old crypt. They fought goblins and hobgoblins, and occasionlly gelatenous goo monsters that came out of portals to a swampy land. One by one, the party found the kidnapped humans, though one was dead. Each one seemed to give help in finding their way through the dungeon, though none as helpful as an elderly gentelman that no one could remember the name to. The kindly man that everyone began to refer to as “Old Man” gave them a map and left with the other straggling survivors back to town while the party stayed in to wipe out the goblin infestation.

What they found were a small knot of undead, controlled by a lich. They had formed a pact with the goblins, allowing them to use their crypt if they brought food to them. After slaying the leader of the goblin sept, they went to clean out the undead. Fighting the lich was the hardest, as his minions seemed to rise over and over again throughout the course of the fight. Finally when all the undead were vanquished, they collected the artifacts and headed back to town.



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